About Alpine

Established in 1985, Alpine International Pvt. Ltd. started operations as a manufacturing and distribution unit for its own brand of personal computers and computer hardware.

The company has since diversified into the trading of commodities, tying up with world-class suppliers across the globe to source prime ferrous metals as well as ferrous and non-ferrous scrap. Moreover, we have a network of close associates based in the United States, Europe, and the Middle East, who serve as our buying agents in various locations, inspecting the material to ensure that each of our shipments meets our exacting specifications and high standard of quality.

A dedicated sales team supports the company’s operations, tailoring the services offered to individual client requirements. Our sales associates are skilled in efficiently closing transactions, with extensive experience and expertise in dealing with the technical and regulatory complexities inherent in the trading of metals, such as ensuring the timely submission of required documentation.

The company is well positioned to serve emerging / growing markets and has a strong presence in India and South East Asia. We have been growing steadily in terms of both customer base and turnover, and are fully geared to meet the rising demand driven by the huge investments expected in these regions to foster infrastructure development.